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Amon Tobin

Dark Jovian


Art Director: Alexander Brown

Artist : Amon Tobin

Title : Dark Jovian

Label: Ninjatune


This project was a huge labour of love for me. I was asked by Ninjatune to work alongside Amon Tobin on his new EP – his first new music in 5 years – to be released on Record Store Day. Right from the start we wanted to make the packaging the focus of the artwork. I’d done vinyl etching before – but nothing like this. The brief was really clear – make it sci-fi, but in a really elegant way.

I wanted to make the disks feel strange and otherworldly. So people picking up the record without knowing what it is might feel a little bit like how the alien will feel when it picks up the golden disks onboard the voyager spaceship. There were many exciting challenges with the project – even finding a manufacturer who would make a custom rubber mould for a limited run of vinyl seemed like a tall order. Let alone etching across the entire surface of the vinyl. Probably the most excited / nervous I’ve been – was waiting for the test moulds to come back from the manufacturer.

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